Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramdavaiti Swami Maharaja

He is the founder and the acharya of vrinda and the giver of inspiration for all the spiritual projects as well. He is willing to come to Trinidad and inspire devotees in the path of devotional service, all efforst in Trinidad are done as an offrend for Him all glories to him who is always abosrbed in helping others to get rid of the sufferings and pangs of this material existence. Gurumaharaj ki Jaaaay

Gurumaharaja and Sukadeva talking about Trinidad

This ocassion, was when Gurudeva and Sukadeva were talking about Trinidad and Tobago, and the possibilty of having a temple there.
HI , devotees and friends, we are doing all the necesary arragements to get the visas and in this way we will be able to stay for longer periods of time and do our work, you know everything rests in the Krishna's hands, we do our best, of course working hard and keep a clean conduct is very important. Your support and help is important also so that the service could continue as Gurudeva wants

Srila Bhakti Bodhajan Maharaj Giving the perfect example of a Vaisnava

Bodhajan Maharaj shared with us his wisdom love and devotion, and set the example that a vaisnava is suppose to carry out, he himself cooked for the devotees just like Srila Prabhupada when he came to the west, then he gave many examples about vaisnavism and the whole atmosphere just like Vrindavan. We hope again to have his association

Srila Bhakti Bodhajan Maharaja in Trinidad and Tobago

We had the great fortune of having the association of Bodhajan Maharaja, who visited Trinidad and Tobago the last two weeks , he went to the land and gave some blessings along With Sri Asrham prabhu who is one of the active friends and guardians of our mission

Friends in Trinidad and Tobago

Hi my dear godbrothers friends and followers of this blog, i want to share with you some new pictures i hope you enjoy them